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The quarry

General / 27 June 2022

Glad to have collaborated in the production of The Quarry as a Lead Character Artist while working at 2K Valencia. It's been a real privilege and honor to have worked on such an awesome project!


Link | update 8

General / 10 February 2022

update time


Link | update 6

General / 29 November 2021

not much visual change, mostly I've been doing retopos and preping for textures, he is almost done, just left the hands feet and head, after that I'll move onto finishing the "enviro" and assets higpoly. 


Link | update 6

General / 14 November 2021

Some more changes.

mostly worked the hands area, with the glove and new hands, also did a bit of work on overall composition by changing a few elements, and some work here and there, also touched a bit the light, but still need to darken everything to look more like a night scene, just waiting on having the base textures to do so.

Been triying some new shots, so here is also a closeup.


More wwork on the soldier

General / 25 July 2021

got some more work done on the soldier, just playin with textures a bit right now, getting some first pass on as much as the model as I can to later on do some refinement.


Link 2021 version | update 3

General / 25 April 2021

I could only work the weekend, so only some minor changes. 

I think I'm gonna refine a few things and start doing lowpolys and bakes of some parts, so marmoset gets realeased of so many geometry. i'll keep detailing and adding a lot of new stuff anyway in the meanwhile tho.

For now I let you this render here and we'll see again next weekend!


Link 2021 version | update 2

General / 18 April 2021

Haven't got a lot of time to work on it this time but on the other side I'm enjoying this projedct like crazy so far. 

So, on this update I just worked on the lamps (left bottom corner and right top corner). The idea is to have a traditional lamp, and a bottle with a fairy that will cast some rim light. I'm still working the ilumination, but I'll pretty much do the heavy work once I have the lowpoly done and baked. I've also changed the image size and some small changes like the rupees bag, the shield, the back post, a base for the rod... not much really.

Anyways, hope you like it and I'll be posting some more updates! 


Starting something new

General / 12 April 2021

About more or less 2 years ago, I made the main character from my favorite videogames saga, The legend of zelda.

  Back then that character was an inflexion point to me, so, I wanted to take another version of him and see how far I've got. I just started, and I'm still fighting with the camera shot and the composition, but I'm going in the direction I want, so, it feels as a good starting point.

 I will be tweaking a lot of things as I develop it, since I've no fixed design or concept, just my ideas trying to tell my version of link and something I'd like to see implemented on the games. 

Hope you like how it is so far, and I'll keep you updated.


Monkey 7!

General / 16 August 2020

some textureeeeees!!!!


Monkey 6!

General / 29 June 2020

Still goota fix some collisions but calling the high done after that!